Pearls Leadership Academy

The Pearls Leadership Academy’s 6-Month Mastery Program is a unique program that is designed to develop leaders in the Home-Based Business industry.  This live extensive course provides a proven track to run on and is taught by a team of successful, dynamic trainers who are educators and leaders in their field.

This program is for the entrepreneur at heart who has been waiting for the right business opportunity, training and mentorship in order to realize their life dreams.

The Academy curriculum is developed by leveraging and drawing from vast knowledge gathered by a team of council members who have had many years of service and demonstrated success in their respective fields including both traditional medicine and holistic health and have built successful full-time network marketing businesses.  Many are current faculty members at local schools teaching health as well as business development skills.

Our leadership is through our ability to keep the team focused with single-minded determination to achieving the team’s mission.  This is done through the creation and proper utilization of training for the team.  It’s done through maintaining proper communications channel among the team as well as with the organization at large.

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